Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pink
Professional Statistics
Occupation Barmaid
Affiliation Farrowveil Town
Personal Status

Talia is a childhood friend of Charlotte. She works at the Unicorn Grace Inn and helps Vael'zorra maintain the inn on a day to day basis. Due to her work, she sleeps at her house in the morning and usually can be found working at the Inn after sundown and during the night.

Bio Edit

Personality Edit

Talia is someone who loves to talk to other people and likes to keep things tidy.

Appearance Edit

She has a long pink hair with two braids on either side of her face. She normally wears a green dress with an apron.

History Edit

Talia is Charlotte's childhood friend who started working at the Unicorn Grace Inn a couple of months before she returned.

The player first meets her in the cutscene in front of Gilda's bakery when the player goes to the right of the store after the prologue.

Relationships Edit

Charlotte Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She calls Charlotte with "Dee-dee", apparently a nickname she gave to her during their childhood.
  • Her dialogues often end with musical note symbols.