Rochendil is a fantasy realm filled with magic and mystery. Peace has reigned on the continent for years, but signs of dark times are beginning to loom on the horizon.

Safe/Neutral Areas Edit

These are the areas in Rochendil that are usually populated by non-player characters (NPCs) and where various buildings are located. Majority of the story cutscenes are triggered when the player is in a Safe/Neutral Area.

Farrowveil Town (Home Town) Edit

A modest and bustling town near the river, surrounded by evergreen forest. My home sweet home.

Greenwood Forest Lakeside (Serene Place) Edit

A clearing near a large lake. For some reason portals in the Greenwood Forest eventually will lead me here.

Stony Ruin Top Floor (Offering Chamber) Edit

The uppermost floor of Lekumba temple. Despite its crumbling state, this place is still being used by Lekumbas.

Secluded Corner (Thieves Guild Hideout)Edit

A secret corridor used by the Thieves Guild as their base of operation.

Lekumba Village Edit

A village populated by a small group of good Lekumba.

Eagledeen Market District (Kingdom of Aurelia) Edit

The largest city in southern Rochendil, Eagledeen serves as the capital of Aurelia.

Kingdom of Want Edit

A kingdom ruled by Queen Marigold CreamPuff III and is filled with sweets.

Hostile Areas Edit

Areas in Rochendil that are usually populated with enemies and often where most Crafting Materials are obtained from, either from gathering them around the map or from defeating enemies. Sometimes some cutscenes are triggered when the player is in a Hostile Area but usually when the player reaches the last floor.

Greenwood Forest (Hostile Area) Edit

Dense evergreen forest surrounding Farrowveil Town. Certain types of plants and herbs grow happily here.

Stony Ruin (Hostile Area) Edit

A crumbling stone structure in the middle of the jungle, remnants of a forgotten empire.

Ancient Waterway (Hostile Area) Edit

Old passage located underneath Eagledeen. It is older than the city itself.

Gloomlight Cemetery (City of the Dead) Edit

Massive burial complex built during the era of the old kingdom. Rumor has it that the place is haunted.

Land of Bounty Edit

The dungeon in the Kingdom of Want.

Mentioned Areas Edit

  • Charwenne Port
  • Frozen Peak
  • Iluvendil
  • Plains of Greenharrow
  • Whispersand Desert