Quests are an important part of the game. By completing quests, players can progress through the storyline, unlock new locations, and gain new items and recipes. Quests can be split into four categories: Main Quests, Side Quests, Merchant Guild requests, and Event Quests.

Main QuestsEdit

Main quests are the quests which the player must complete in order to progress through the main storyline and unlock new areas. These quests do not give rewards.

Quest Main Objective
A Fresh Start Become a merchant
Being a Merchant ?
Trouble at the Village Saving Lekumba Village

Side QuestsEdit

Side quests are optional quests that the player can undertake. These quests are not required to progress through the main storyline and most can be rejected. These quests will be unlocked as the player continues through the storyline.

Quest Main Objective
Bolts and Cogs Help Tinkerd with her experiment
Little Red Budding Flower Help the strange plant
Sweet Dreams, Girl Rescue Talia from the Kingdom of Want

Merchant Guild RequestsEdit

Unlike regular side quests, these quests are randomly generated so there is no set reward or objective. Common objectives include finding people in dungeons, gathering material, or finding someone in Farrowveil Town.

Event QuestsEdit

These quests are special limited time only quests. They usually give special rewards like Attires.

Zando's HelperEdit


This was available from December 21st, 2017 to January 6th, 2018. Players could obtain the Zando Clauss' Helper attire by correctly answering the 3 questions given by Zando’s Retired Helper.

Canine CabaretEdit


This was available from February 11th to February 28th, 2018. It was created to celebrate Lunar New Year. Players could obtain the Canine Cabaret attire by helping a dog near the signpost in Farrowveil Town’s Outskirts.