Possessed Tree is an enemy that can be encountered in the game. It is a normal tree at Greenwood Forest Lakeside that is animated through the effect of Malevalice.

Attacks Edit

  • Photosynthesis - Recover Life to self.
  • Seed Throw - Normal Physical attack.
  • Spawn Seedling - Summon either a Growthling or a Sproutling. Will take priority when there is less than two seedlings in battle.

Tactics Edit

  • Defeating it can be tough since if Charlotte has not enough levels, so prepare for a long fight. Stock up on Shock Bombs, Small Healing Vials, and Small Stamina Vials.
  • Focus you attack on the tree, but pay close attention to the spawned seedlings. Growthlings use Absorb attack that restores Life to the Possessed Tree, so you may want to eliminate them first so the tree doesn't take negative damage from Charlotte each turn.

Loots Edit

Fine Tree Bark