Dungeons are hostile locations where Charlotte can earn crafting materials and other items by foraging, defeating enemies, and opening chests.

Dungeons Edit

Dungeon Exp Edit

Similar to the crafting mini-game, players can earn badges for each dungeon they explore. However, just like Fighters Guild Inquiry, Charlotte must first complete the dungeon before she can start to gain experience for it.

Experience is gained every time you pass the last floor of a dungeon into another area.
Dungeon Exp

The space on the right will show you what badge you currently have while the space on the left shows you the next badge you can get. By clicking on the badges or exp bar, you will be able to see how many times you need to clear the dungeon to get the next badge, your progress, as well as your current bonuses.

Note: Dungeon experience will not be available for special dungeons like Gloomlight Cemetery and Land of Bounty, as those dungeons work differently.

Icon Badge Title Bonuses Threshold
N/A None Rookie None 0
Bronze Badge Bronze Rookie Dungeon pickups x2 4
Platinum Badge Silver Adventurer Dungeon pickups x3
More loot from chests
Gold Badge Gold Seasoned Dungeon pickups x4
More loot from chests
More loot from battles
Silver Badge Platinum Veteran Dungeon pickups x4
Better loot from chests
More loot from battles