Alraune is an enemy that can be encountered in the game. It appears to be a strange flower bud about as big as Charlotte with bloodshot red petals located in the Greenwood Forest Lakeside that will, later on, turn into a humanoid-like creature inside a flower that can manipulate the nature.

It will appear after the player finishes a quest in the Lekumba Village.

The first time Charlotte sees the flower, it seemed to be in a bad condition, but she neither knows about this flower nor how to save it. This means that she has to find someone who does.

Once Charlotte asks Valerie and Chappeaulle, they will tell her that she has stumbled upon a rare kind of flower - an Alraune infant. Charlotte will then recognize the name. An Alraune is a sentient plant that she thought doesn't really exist. Alraunes grow deep within the ancient forest, so it was strange to see one growing in the Greenwood Forest Lakeside.

Chappeaulle will then tell Charlotte that if it's indeed growing in that location, it's most likely dying. It needs water from the ancient forest to thrive and bloom. Without it, the flower will die.

In order to save it, Charlotte must give it five bottles of Fey Tears. After doing so, the Alraune will ask her if she wants to play. After agreeing, the Alraune and Charlotte will engage in a battle.

Attacks Edit

  • Earth Punishment - High damage Earth attack. Will be used after I'll get serious now.
  • Deafening Scream - Normal Holy attack. Chance of DEF Down.
  • I'll get serious now - One time attack. Restores some life and increase overall damage.
  • Vine Lash - Normal Earth attack.

Tactics Edit

Alraune is highly resistant to Physical attacks, so utilize elemental bombs.

Loots Edit

Mandrake Root

Notes Edit

Charlotte can repeat the battle against Alraune after several days have passed in the game.