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Alchemica - Crafting RPG is a mobile game made by Crunchy Bit Games for Android that was published on September 3rd, 2017. It is a retro-based role-playing game with a light-hearted story and interesting characters to interact with. The player goes through the game by playing as the female protagonist, Charlotte, as she continues on with her life after returning to her hometown, Farrowveil Town.



Complete quests to further the storyline and unlock new content.


Fuse various materials into useful and more valuable items.

  • Discover multiple combinations through experiments and quests.
  • Utilize items you craft in battles, or sell them to gain gold coins.

Explore Dungeons

Traverse multiple levels of randomly generated dungeons using a mysterious network of ancient portals.

  • Engage in battles against unique enemies in classic turn-based combat.
  • Stock up valuable materials, drops, and treasures along the way.

Gain Profit

  • Fill your store by selling loot and items you crafted.
  • Haggle with various types of patrons to earn gold coins.
  • Become a renowned and successful merchant!


The game is set in Rochendil, a fantasy realm filled with magic and mystery. Peace has reigned this continent for many years, but signs of dark times are beginning to loom on the horizon.

Journey as Charlotte, a young girl returning to her hometown as an alchemist, pursuing her dream to become a successful merchant. Little does she know of her monumental role in carving the fate of her world...


Books can be found in various ways and provide a lot of information on many things in this world.

Alchemica - Crafting RPG Trailer

Alchemica - Crafting RPG Trailer